About restaurant Romana

Restaurant Romana is committed to bringing you market-fresh, all-natural cuisine. As a team, we strive at all times to serve up specialities that are both healthy and delicious. We hope to make your visit to Brasserie Romana as unforgettable as possible. When you’re with us, we want you to feel at home.

What AlpinTrend has to offer


We combine a unique mountain environment, inspiring surroundings, lovingly designed local establishments, and creative cuisine to help make your event a success. Choose from our selection of available locales and find the perfect combination for any occasion. We’ve got everything you could want, from our rustic ski restaurant to the elegant Giardino, from dining at 1750 meters above sea level to partying at the dance club, and from a sunny panoramic terrace to a cosy little café – with AlpinTrend, you’ll find the perfect venue for your event.

Our establishments specialise in high-quality regional cuisine served with a modern flair, culinary delights for the mind, body, and soul. Authentic hospitality with true passion and real joie de vivre. Experience life’s genuine moments at our locales, where you will always feel welcome!

How might you be able to use our establishments for your event?

Our establishments

Hotel Lenzerhorn, featuring the restaurants Giardino, Heidi-Stübli, and Kuchikästli, along with the most beautiful sun terrace in Lenzerheide

Posthotel Valbella and the restaurants Stoiva, Pizzeria, and Taverna

Pradaschier Adventure Mountain, with Restaurant Portal and Pradaschier Mountain Restaurant, toboggan run, rope park, and ski area

Restaurant Heimberg in Parpan

Brasserie Romana in Lenzerheide

Café Senda in Lenzerheide

Swiss Heidi Hotel in Maienfeld